I've started a new page  to list tribes.  Many women have contacted me looking for a tribe near them or a cyber tribe they can join.  I will try to list
all tribes and as much info as I can about them so that you can find a tribe or your tribe.  Contact me if you would like your information listed.
These are not rpg/role playing game tribes...or at least they are NOT supposed to  be. ( I take for granted that the women listing these tribes are being HONEST.  Lying is one of two things Amazons hated most.)
If you have contacted any of these tribes and find they are not as they originally reported to me, please write me.
These are women serious about
the Amazons and creating tribes.

In Brisbane Queensland, Australia
In brisbane queensland australia,living history/reenactment group includes amazons it is not
 role-playing of any kind members have to be serious about being the culture
 they choose these are real tribes,empires, whatever the culture had. the
 name of the group is creenaught it is located in brisbane queensland
 australia and the web address is my email
 address is I can be contacted either through my web
 site or email address.

 nicole whittaker

cooma/canberra thermodons
cooma nsw australia
contact: queen antianara at

Honolulu, Hawaii

P.O.Box 75086
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Susan Loui" <>


Sydney, Australia

        "Vanessa Smith"


LOCATION: Houston, Texas

DESCRIPTION: The Amazon Xociety is a non-profit intergenerational feminist organization dedicated to the practical empowerment of women and girls. We represent diverse backgrounds and strive to reclaim the sacredness of femininity. We seek to create a new tradition of achievement for women. Our war is that for parity in society where women can expect to receive the same opportunities as those afforded to men.
PROJECTS: Our Projects page will show you where we spend our time and energy. Currently most of our resources are being commited to our new feminist radio show called THE FIRST SEX. Learn more at:Projects Page

MEMBERSHIP: Exclusively Female. We seek motivated and committed women to join with us to work on behalf of women. See our membership page for more info: Membership Info

CONTACT: Bernadine Williams
         The Amazon Xociety
         4617 Edfield St. #3
         Houston, Texas 77033

Northwestern New Jersey
Seeking Sisterhood
Like minded women
Devoted to Artemis/Athena
Remembering our Amazon lives everyday
Unity in rituals with each other regularly
write me:

Humboldt County, CA.
Amara Miller, my email is

Linden, VA (an hour west of DC)

Salem, Oregon
I am Queen Cathelle
                      My tribe is 109 or so at the moment
                      We are only welcoming women, though we do have three brethren among us.
                      We are from Salem, Oregon
                      They may e mail me at or  if they
                      are interested in joining.
                      There is no religion set, we have four different types practised here.
                      We welcome those in our community and those in the cyber one as well.

Pan Amazonia's Thermodon Valley

                      Region of Gatineau/Ottawa, Canada

                      email: or

                      or visit:

North West New Jersey
start a tribe, get together,

Appalachian Amazons

North GA and Western NC

Women only. Trying to get a tribe started to help us reconnect with the fierce sacred feminine.

If you're interested please contact

California based
Official Mission Statement:

The reincarnation of Nova Amazonia is now a California based operation to plan, fund, and build an intentional Amazon community administered by a non-profit corporation and rooted in the principles of matriarchy.

Official Mission Statement:

Nova Amazonia, an intentional community, aims to serve women and

families who wish to live in an alternative society that venerates female strength and no longer confines women or any person to traditional societal roles. We intend to create a supportive environment empowering and assisting women in recognizing personal truth and the strength of the individual within a strong community. Our goals include:

Building a thriving and diverse matriarchal society;

providing sanctuary for women and children in crisis

maintaining a sustainable, earth friendly community

promoting community pride through the use of community celebrations

and ritual

becoming advocates and activists for women and women's issues

acting as educators of Herstory, the unique interpretation of history through the experiences of the women who lived it

providing a home for female children through adoption from countries with high rates of female infanticide/abandonment

raising strong, intelligent, self-confident daughters and unconflicted, respectful sons

reclaiming of our spiritual warrior selves

The times have changed and so must we all change and adapt. Without adaptation there can be no survival, no life. The ways of the Amazon foremothers hold much truth and wisdom but some ways no longer relevant. We must look with a broader eye and as a community form a new Amazon culture and lifestyle. It is as a community that we will choose what is relevant and workable and what is no longer viable for the modern world. Even if Amazons did not exist in history, they exist now. Amazons, join and help your dreams come to life!

Nova Amazonia's website is:

The primary contact is: Nevyn at

"Amber Sword is a Amazon cyber-tribe which has been created to promote discussion, practice, ideas, rituals and etc., which could be incorported into the practices of Modern Day Amazons (MDA). We would hope to create and define a general structure for those who would be interested in practicing and reviving this spirituality movement through our website Amber Sword and other outlets. We realise there is no right or wrong structure, as there is no right or wrong way to practice and hope that our ideas can serve as a guide to help Amazons formulate their own spiritual discipline.

We will also help and motivate each other to practice the nature-based and goddess-based spirituality associated with nomadic cultures such as the Amazons. This includes, shamanism, herbology, rituals, healing, divination, etc. In additon we will learn about and discuss nomadic tribes such as the Scythians, Sauromatians and contempory nomadic cultures.

For the time being Amber Sword will open its virtual doors to twelve women (thirteen women in total counting the moderator). Any women can apply as long as she realises that this a is a serious group with a purpose to help define and advance the Amazon Spirituality movement. All members are expected to regularly contribute to group discussions.

Please feel free to submit your application at this time and check for questions that I would kindly ask that you answer as a application. We will be beginning in late August.

Thank you for visiting Amber Sword on Yahoo Groups.


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Seeking a tribe in Colorado/seeking to start a tribe in Colorado

I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and wish to join my sisters in the strengthening and forward progress of the Amazon Nation.

The Great Lakes Amazon Nation


Online Group:
This group is dedicated to Uniting the Amazon Nation. I know it seems crazy and a lot of people think that you would have to be crazy to join a group (or Tribe) of women who think that they're Amazons.
   But wait a minute, before you jump at the word, listen. An Amazon today is not a woman who ostracizes men, or gives her baby away based on it's gender. Nor would it be practical for families today, to do the same with their daughters in the case of patriarchal societies.
 Rather, I believe that the Modern Day Amazons are a group of women who believe in strength through unity, because what is an Amazon without her Nation, without her Tribe of women?
Being an Amazon today isn't getting up and praying to Goddesses, or wiping ourselves in mud while howling at the moon. Its being one with our femininity, its supporting each other as women, its not condoning the actions of men against us, its standing up for our rights as women. It's being a warrior at heart, body, mind, and spirit.
   And the only way to do that is to Unite. We can't be a Nation by accepting only a few women who fit a certain criteria when there are broad ranges of words that can define an Amazon, we must accept all women who believe in defending their womanhood, who believe in loving themselves as women.
   The Gorgons (the name of this group) is named after Medusa who was a snake-haired Goddess worshiped by the ancient Amazon tribe in Libya. She is a woman who represents wisdom, who was turned into a snake-haired Monster by men.
  Uniting the Amazon Nation is a calling to unite all women who are warriors at heart, who have survived, who will survive, who can't be crushed easily through defeat of the spirit.
This group is opened to all women who believe in that, who can find Strength through Unity, through each other, and not just in 'me, myself, and I'. To call yourself an Amazon is just a beautiful way of saying, 'I respect myself, and others as women, and would defend that as well as my beliefs.'



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