The New AmazoNation

My heart bears the emptiness
and longing
To return one day
to our Nation
The Amazon Nation.

After a five thousand year reign of male icons in the Western World,
we have the exhilarating privilege of witnessing a global reappearance
of the Divine Feminine.  Women will retake their power in the
millennium.  Amazons will be in the forefront of this movement.


 Amazonism is a universal phenomenon.  In time and reality, the Amazon Kingdoms not only comprise
 an extremist end of matriarchy
 but also are a beginning and a purpose in themselves.

 In the bright light, their boldness turned
into wisdom.

By certain accounts the Amazons played a crucial role in the long bloody transition
 from the matriarchies to the patriarchies.
 No doubt we are presently at a juncture in history in which
the Amazons return to perform a similar function as the transition is reversed.

       J. Johston


   Message from Livia...last of Artemis's Sacred Priestesses

 Artemis...Goddess of the Moon

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Artemis is emerging in the popular culture as a new source of strength, power, and integrity.
She is the protector of life, the activist who never gives up, the idealistic heroine who cannot be subdued.
                                                                                                                                  Isabel Allende

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 Athena Goddess of Wisdom and War Nike
 Athena & Artemis...Lovers

I do not only...long for my Nation.
I long for my sisters.

I  have come to a new trinity, triumvirate, Artemis, Athena and Nike.
It was a natural progression.  After reading V. Noble's theory that Artemis and Athena
were lovers the rest fell into place.  So, I add Athena and Nike to the mix.

Do you hear the call of the Amazons?
Do you hear the call of Artemis?
                                Write me.




  "You are an Amazon, warrior, priestess, truthspeaker, soothsayer,
keeper of memories, channeler of energies."


 Thanks  Carla !!
Thanks Geek!!
Thank you my Amazon sister
Thank you Vicki Noble!!

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For Artemis



    Hail Artemis
Blessed Lady of the Beasts and Forests
I dedicate my self to you
May my path honor thee
May my spirit celebrate thee
May my life force magnify thee

These things I pray
Be fulfilled this day
Goddess Mother help me
to know what is right


The Amazon is powerful, deadly, glamorous and free.
The Amazons are a memory of a kind of female power, the nature of which we
have almost entirely forgotten.  But memory is coming back.
We have to go back and retrieve what was discarded or rejected and bring it back into
consciousness again.

May Artemis bless you in the dark night and the queens of amazons past
protect you.


"It seems to me highly improbable that women are going to realize their human potential without alienating men - some men, anyway"
 Elizabeth Janeway