Restoring the Goddess

"One vision I see clear as life before me, that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on
her throne rejuvenated, more glorious than ever.  "


Almost all the world we live in today is intensely patriarchal.  Some people need
definitions before they can understand what this word means.  Our daily lives give
us just the fact of patriarchy, without pinpointing any of its characteristics.  Like
birds raised in cages,  women raised in a patriarchal system usually come to think
of it as a normal way of human beings to live.

Only women who are enabled to sense a female divinity within their own spirit can bring
about the profound changes that need to be made if humanity is to last much longer as one of
earth's life forms.   The survival of any species depends on the nurturing behavior of it females,
not the aggressive behavior of its males.
It seems clear that the best hope for humanity is to return to its prepatriarchal ethic of
male submission to the Goddess spirit, not in the hierarchical sense that men understand
as power-over.

Deep in their hearts many women feel that there is something terribly wrong with our system.
They yearn to be a tribe.

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