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Present Day Amazon
In the 1970s she created, graduated with honor from, and subsequently taught in, the first women's interdisciplinary studies program at Colorado College.   Noble has for many years taught at the graduate level, both here and abroad, on female shamanism and the healing arts.

With artist Karen Vogel, Noble co-authored the Motherpeace Tarot Deck based upon the documented history and ethnography of female
esoteric practices. Noble authored several highly
respected books on female shamanism, such as Shakti Woman, and Uncoiling the Snake, andshe is also publisher of the quarterly journal, Snakepower, which received a coveted Utne nomination as Best First Publication.

 Vicki Noble currently teaches at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and conducts tours of sacred sites of the ancient goddess cultures in such exotic locales as Bali, Greece, Turkey, and the
 British Isles. Her most recent research project has taken her into Russia to work with another noted archaeologist, Jeannine Davis-Kimball, director of the Center for the Study of Eurasian
 Nomads and founder of the Kazakh/American Research Project. Davis-Kimball's article Warrior Women of the Eurasian Steppes: Archaeology, 1997, suggests that the Amazons may not have
 been only a figment of Herodotus's imagination.

 Those who would like to pursue their interest in Vicki Noble's contribution to this website, or the connections between the Amazons and female shamanism, may contact her directly:
                       831-786-8810.  Santa Cruz, California
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Vicki Noble is a lesbian-identified bisexual writer, artist, performance artist,educator, healer, and ritualist. She teaches classes in Female Shamanism at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She was a co-creator of the Motherpeace Round Deck (1981) Tarot deck. Her works include Skakti Woman:
Feeling Our Fire, Healing Our World: The New Female Shamanism (1991), Uncoiling the Snake: Ancient Patterns in Contemporary Women's Lives (1993, anthology). She is also working on a book (which may be published by now) called The Double Goddess     which will include an exploration of lesbian-centered Goddess iconography.

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