Reclaiming our power and ourselves.

We are Spinsters/Hags/Crones/ Harpies/Furies...and
A-mazing Amazons

The woman warrior does not indulge in self pity.

Breaking through the Male Maze is both exorcism and ecstasy.
However possessed males may be within patriarchy, it is their order; it is they who feed on women's stolen energy.
They rob us of everything: our myths, our energy, our divinity, our Selves.
 Patriarchy has stolen our cosmos and returned it in the form of Cosmopolitan magazine and cosmetics.

A-mazing Amazons must be aware of the male methods of mystification.    Spinsters are not only A-mazing Amazons cutting away layers of deceptions, Spinsters are also Survivors.  We must survive, not merely in the sense of "living on," but in the sense of living beyond.  Surviving I take to mean living above, through, around the obstacles thrown in our paths.

Overcoming the silencing of women is an extreme act, a sequence of extreme acts.  Breaking our silence means living in existential courage.

                                 Mary Daly

Face with being spooked, Spinsters are learning to Spook/Speak back.
This Spinster-Spooking is also re-calling/re-membering/re-claiming our Witches' power to cast spells, to charm, to employ occult grammar, to enthrall, to bewitch.  Spinster-Spooking is both cognitive and tactical.

Since Spooking cannot be done alone.  Spinsters need fire.

Sparking is necessary to re-claim our fire.
Sparking is making possible Female Friendship, which is totally Other from male comradeship.

At first, it is hard to generate enough sparks for building the fires of Female Friendship.  this is particularly the case since patriarchal males, sensing the ultimate threat of Female Sparking, make every effort to put out women's fires whenever we start them.  They try to steal the fire of Furies in order to destroy us in their perpetual witchcraze.  Like Cinderellas, Hags stand among the cinders, but we know that they are cinders of our burned foresisters.  We know that the cinders still Spark.

Crones need to sharpen our minds/wits so that they become the Sacred Double Axes of Amazons.  The A-mazing Female Mind is the Labrys.

The Warriors Prayer

I am what I am.
In having faith in the beauty within me, I develop trust.
In softness I have strength.
In silence I walk with the goddesses.
In peace I understand myself and the world.
In conflict I walk away.
In detachment I am free.
In respecting all things, I respect myself.
In dedication I honor the courage within me.
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.
In freedom I have power.
In my individuality I express the Goddess Force within me.
In service I give of what I have become.
I am what I am:
Eternal, immortal, universal and infinite.
And so be it.

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