Message from Livia, last of Artemis's sacred priestess, 200BCE, Ephesus

The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Amazons of future time, hear me.  I send these words on winds of time, by fire of my spirit and urgings of my diamon who tells me my last moon is above me now.  For my life's end,
I feel no loss.  Birthing, living, dying are all one in Her wisdom.  But the truth of our ancestors and the sacred ways are now lost to those who follow.  Soon, there will be no one left to mourn.

Wood of birch...wood of fir...
fuel this measures turning...

Hear my words, Sisters!  I am Livia, lover and follower of Artemis.  I speak to you as the last Sacred priestess of Artemis.  Artemis is She who taught us the sacred ways of women and life since before memory.

I send you our story, silenced with my last breath...but for you who might hear me now.  The grief of this telling now brings me alone to this sacred forest.  Rage and sorrow brings me to my knees here in the dark beside the river...Let the power of my sendings now ring strong and true to your hearts beating on the far side of the Dark Times.

This is the grievous sending, of how our history and our culture was stolen from us through greed, corruption and abuses of power,  The Goddess moves me to call out to you for only through Her wisdom my words can reach you.  She instructs me through this spell to send these words to reach you Amazons who are reborn at the end of the Dark Times.  We, who have been keepers of the deep and ancient
thresholds; thresholds of birth and death in Her name, call to you.

...all things this fire's burning...
all things through the One...
in Her born anew.

By the time you hear my words, the temple has long stood in Ephesus, huge of stone and grand columns, a mighty tribute to Artemis.  As I speak these words the temple is now in the planning.  However, by the time this wonder is completed we, the sacred priestesses of Artemis will be gone.

Hear me!  Witness in the temple stone itself the testimony of our violation and our loss!  The outside temple carvings are not of Artemis and her beloved Amazons, but the male hero of the Ionians Androkles.  The carvings were not made by Priestess artisans but indentured male stone workers brought in from Rome.

Inside the temple, entrance taboo to men on punishment of death by law of Artemis...will stand gilded statues of the Roman Emperor and other Romans who through wealth have purchased priesthoods from afar.  Anger roars inside me but vengeance is not to be mine.  She is the measure of judgment and sets the limits to all things including the span of my life.

I ring the silver bell,
in answer the deer appear from the dark forest
I fashion ivy wreaths around their necks,
and mine
that will be borne in the spirit world
to guide you who hear this sending...
I take my knife of sacrifice from its scabbard...

The Amazons have long since left Ephesus and rode North, heeding our sybils' dire visions of the dark times coming.  Deeply grieved were the warnings of our lost future.  But who claims understanding of Her wisdom?  Good and bad are but one thing to Her, it is only according to our limited understanding that we suffer so.

Eager to be on our spirit journey
the deer step forward
Yes, Dear Ones, the hidden harmonies are stronger
than those apparent.
Soon we will enter the stream of time...
Justice is Hers...

Sisters in the future!  Hear my words!  Listen and envision with your hearts!  In your time the Amazon Nation will be remembered.  Seek Her ways in the forest.  Look for us there.


For Artemis

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