Amazon expeditions into male-controlled "fields" are necessary in order to leave the father's cave and live in the sun.

                                                                 Mary Daly

Put your energy into keeping or creating laws that allow women to make their own decisions (without interference from others) and have their own freedom.  Fight against discrimination, however and wherever you find it.  Refuse to be beaten down by patriarchal attitudes.
                                                                              DJ Conway

"We are riders; our business is with
the bow and spear, and we know
nothing of women's  work."
                          Herodotus IV,114

Those who live in the tradition of the Furies refuse to be tricked into setting aside our anger .

Radical feminism is not reconciliation with the father.  Rather
it is affirming our original birth, our original source, movement, surge of living.

Overcoming the silencing of women is an extreme act, a sequence of extreme acts.  Breaking our silence means living in existential courage.
                                               Mary Daly


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" Men are natural warriors, but a women in battle is truley blood-thirsty"