Standing Her Ground
Vicki Noble

With the mass of recorded history, mythology, and artifactual evidence, the existence of Amazon Queens and warrior women can hardly be contested, yet it is consistently denied, ignored, and erased by contemporary academic scholars.   Amazon warrior women exemplify female resistance movements everywhere.  They evoke the wild women who, like Miranda Shaw's eternally transgressive Indian yoginis, "always speak truthfully and are proud of their strength; women whose minds are powerful and energetic; women who delight in shrewish behavior and speak boastfully; women who are fearless, revel in their own ferocity, and like to eat meat and frequesnt cemeteries; and women who derive pleasure from the fact that they are untamable."  The warrior woman stands her ground in the  physical world, like an archer or martial artist.  The priestess fights her battle on the invisible plane, using the tools of her trade to support the powerful working of her focused mind.  Together, in the tradition of Amazons from every time and place, they fight back in an ongoing refusal to allow the world to be destroyed.

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