by Haraphi

Queen of huntresses
Queen of night
Guardian of wilderness
And starry sky
You face the darkness
Of unlightened night
Half  shadow
Half light
You're the maiden of Duality
And you seek for light
For remembrance

You're a mother
Seeking for her children
Showing them their path
Through darkness,bringing them light
Hear to the wolves Amazons
They're your brothers
Howling to the moon
They'll guide you to your mother

Look at the stars Amazons
They're your family
Sisters from a glorious era
Calling us for remembrance
They protect us in our quest
And honour our mother in the sky
They are also animals
Honouring the guardian of wilderness
And showing light to those who shows respect
For all Artemis creation
And pay attention
To all elements and life
And decipher nature's mysteries

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