by Penthesiléia

(This poem was written by elaine, in Portuguese
and translated by Heraphi who is French Canadian)

I suffered for my people,I defended my Nation,
But I suffered desperately the terror of love in
I'm Penthesilea,Queen of the Amazons,
A great Nation is walking,
For a river of tears that no Immortal have to dry.
I'm daughter of the Winds,
No battles are so fast,
No suffering so quick,
And merciless like the heat of a furnace.
I'm a lost youth,
I'm the cold,the ice,the heat,the pain,
Born as a princess,fallen as a Queen.
Pain come with me and the pain is so large!
More of a thousand under my blows fell,
More of a hundred under my order loved me.
I'm an Amazon,
The most beautiful of all,
And all are truly the most beautiful!
I fled,thinking to find a solution,
And I found no other than to find as an heroin,
And to face Thanatos(death)who overthrown me
I traveled through the World,
From every song,a learning I took,
And I executed my sacred dance,
My secular song,
For the cosmic belt I traveled,
But the Gods allowed me the exchange and I agreed!
I love life,but I'm daughter of the death,
I'm a tormented soul,seeking for harmony...
I killed myself a thousand,a thousand I think!
All I want is what I know,
And I know that I want everything!
I killed in the battle,virgins and warriors,
I repent myself but everything would make it new.
Therefore,what passed,passed,
And what I want is to fight for my people!
I'm a Virgin,I'm a Warrior,
I'm a woman,feminine and masculine...
The pleasure and the pain,
The pain gives me pleasure!
Pallas(Athena)condemned me,
And I died in the arms of my love,
Dark haired Achilles,
Son of the Sea's Nereid,
I afflict,as well as the City of Troy,
Which with swelling eyes saw me to emaciate.
I am the dirty remorse,of which I pronounce so
I'm an unsecured soul,petrified by terror.
I'm the beauty and the fierceness,more fierce than
I killed and murmured,murmured and kept,
But I prayed for all the souls that heard me...
An Amazon is here,with an headquarter of pure blood,
Fighting for her crowded place hardly.
Than,many souls from past are to return,
And I'm one of them,and I died to awake...
I'm here,
I'm Penthesilea,
Queen of the Amazons

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