Greek goddess of victory. She was the daughter of the giant Pallas and the river Styx. Nike was originally an attribute of both Athena and Zeus, represented as a small figure carried in their hand. She gradually came to be recognized as a mediator between gods and mortals, and was frequently shown carrying a palm branch, wreath, or staff as the messenger of victory. When depicted on her own, she was often a winged figure hovering over the victor in a competition.

Nike was closely identified with the goddess Athena.

 Nike is Victory. She is often seen in company of Athena, who never puts up with defeat. Victory is the result of achieving the aim pursued, and is not limited to battle or sports. Success is victory.

Victory is doing the hard thing because it is right instead of the easy thing.

There is no pleasure by gaining Victory with hate, greed, contempt, revenge and fear and such. Victory tasted bitter if it has not been honestly earned.

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