Mysticism and the Amazons
by Carla A. R. Osborne

The spirituality, the mysticism of Amazons begins with consciousness.  No, not of death, although we know it to be as inevitable as birth.  Consciousness of the interconnectedness of all life...Through our common mother, the Earth, our common timekeeper, the Moon.

All life is sacred.
There are no limits but one.
'Do what you will, so long as you harm none.'
Follow this, and you can do no wrong to yourself or others.

Go outside in the dark of night, when the sky is clear.
Walk, sit beneath a yourself in the open air, away from artificial light if you can.  Trust an old soul, it's worth the effort.

Notice the Moon.
Everything begins there.
Amazons have worshipped many Moon Goddesses... many Goddesses.  Artemis is the most famous of our Goddesses, wielder of the double ax, the crescent bow, the lightning  bolt.  Once a month, on the Full Moon, whether solitary or in a coven, we worship Her...
preferably in the outdoors, where our light is Hers.
All pleasurable things are sacred to Her, and may be part of our devotions.  Pleasure is Artemis' gift to us.
Who are we to squander it, postponing it again and again?

Look to the Moon and its colours, black, red, and white.
The most sacred Amazon symbols begin here, with the shapes of the Moon and the three sacred  colours.  Others, we garner from ourselves, for the female body is a holy vessel.  We carry the Moon blood, and the cycles.

Watch the sky again.
You see the streaks of light?
Meteors, you say, and wisely.  Just so.
And when they reach the Earth, we collect them, and bring them to our sacred places.  Gifts from the Sky Goddess, pieces of a distant place and time that many otherwise never touch.

Look by your feet.
Notice the stones...
I hope you aren't standing on concrete.  Ah, but stones, stones are the bones of Gaia, whose grand daughter Artemis is.  These too are gifts from a distant time and place.
But that is a tale for another time.

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