Marija Gimbutas II
The work of Marija Gimbutas is one of the most influential developments in gender awareness that has ever occurred.  A respected archaeologist, Gimbutas devoted the last three decades

of her life to an exhaustive study of the earlier Neolithic cultures in
Europe.  She extensively interpreted, using cross-disciplinary techniques, artifacts of the period in history from 6,000 to 3,500BCE.
She accomplished nothing less than to initiate a new perception of European pre-history that challenges traditional assumptions about
the origins of Western civilization.  Her work struck a chord that
continues to resonate within and beyond academic spheres.

When Gimbutas was a child her mother gave her this prophesy:"You will give something very important to the world which will keep people from becoming ill."   What Gimbutas gave was an interdisciplinary
interpretation of art and artifacts that substantiated a society which honored a Great Goddess.  Gimbutas claims this Goddess was nurturing, protective and fostered a society that was basically
non-violent, where women were respected and involved in public as well as private life.  While this interpretation is controversial, what
Gimbutas did raise was hope and commitment among modern seekers to remember this form of community and begin to emulate it.

                                                          Elizabeth Fisher
                                                                   Connections Magazine
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