Friends and Nymphs of Artemis

                                                            by C. Osborne 

Amnisiades 'unforgetting ones':
Associated with the Amnissus river on Crete, these priestesses of Artemis tended to her deer.

Areia 'warlike':
A priestess and friend of Artemis.

Arethusa 'the hunter':
A great hunter and companion of Artemis, probably the original figure of Aquarius, since her name
can also be translated 'the waterer.' As protector of rivers, Artemis was once believed to have
caused Arethusa's spring to run underground to protect her from harassment by a son of Poseidon.

Arge 'bright':
Hunter and high priestess of Artemis of the Red Deer.

Artemicha 'sword of Artemis' or 'perfect sword':
She lived near Babylon after being driven from Greece by religious intolerance. Her mother Harpe
('snatcher') was also associated with Artemis. They may have been her followers or Goddesses
similar to her.

Aspalis 'fisher':
A high priestess who leapt into the sea rather than submit to her captors.

Aura 'air' or 'wind':
A priestess of Artemis who lived in the mountains, she may be a demoted wind Goddess. Later
writers who did not understand her role claimed that she was a Maenad.

Chione 'snow queen' or 'snow cloud':
Thracian Goddess of winter and mountains. Some Greek myths claim that Artemis killed her, which
probably reflects the fate of her followers at the hands of invaders.

Crocale 'the seashore':
In classical mythology, she is usually described as the 'hairdresser' of Artemis, perhaps because the
Moon can seem to rise from and sink into the ocean.

Daphne 'laurel':
A friend of Artemis, she was a skilled hunter and better known as high priestess of her mother

Deione 'queen of spoil':
A war queen and priestess of Artemis.

Ethemea 'true one':
Classical Greek myth records that Artemis killed her, which suggests that she died in childbirth.

Eukleia 'widely famous one':
Deliberate attempts to confuse this Goddess with Artemis failed.

Herophile 'priestess of the tribe':
A powerful sibyl born on Mount Ida on the Troad.

Hilaera 'shining':
The daughter of Philodice and priestess of Artemis.

Hyale 'mournful':
Follower of Artemis.

Maera 'glistening':
A companion of Artemis, she also played a role in the pantomime of the death of the sacred king at

Mileta 'painted with red ochre':
A priestess of Artemis.

Phanothea or Phemonoe 'bright Goddess' or 'nimble speaker':
Goddess who invented the hexameter in poetry, later only remembered as a priestess of Artemis.

Pheraea 'lover of hunting':
A Thessalian Goddess who rode a bull and carried a torch. She was also a companion of Artemis.

Phylinone 'kindly companion':
Friend of Artemis whom she made immortal.

Phylone 'kindly mind':
Daughter of Leto and friend of Artemis.

Polymela 'honeycomb':
A high priestess of Artemis.

Polyphonte 'speaking for many':
A companion of Artemis often associated with bears. She encouraged the peaceful existence of
worshippers of different deities. Classical Greek myth claims she offended Aphrodite, a general
means of designating a woman who refused to give control of her body over to men.

Promne 'to predict':
An Arcadian Goddess, Greek mythographers claimed that her son attempted to rape Artemis, and
that in retaliation Artemis killed him.

Rhodopis 'rosy cheeked':
A hunter of Artemis from Ephesus. A sacred spring was dedicated to her.

Thea 'divine':
Companion of Artemis.

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