The Scholarly Artemis

by Carla Osborne

  Acraea          the ever powerful, of the citadel, or of the highest point
  Admetus       of the Wild Things, untamed
  Aetole           cause of destruction, stormy one, the javelin throwing
  Aeginaea       hunter of deer or wielder of the javelin(aiganei), title used in Sparta;
                        also translated as 'Goat Goddess' when used in Taurus
  Agdestis         Celtic name of Artemis
  Agoraea         protector of assemblies in the agora
  Agraea          same as Agrotera
  Agrotera       berserker, hunter, wild strength
  Akraia           lighting the Earth
  Alpheia         the white coloured one
  Amarynthia   unwithering, immortal one, title in Euboea
  Ambulia        Goddess who delays death, title of Artemis in Sparta
  Angelos         ruling herself or messenger
  Apanchomene   the strangled Goddess, title of Artemis at Caphyne
  Aphictyonis    she that dwells around or near, a title used at Antheia, a council
                        meeting place
  Apaturos        guardian of secrets
  Aphaea          vanisher, originally a title of Britomartis
  Araetis          of the planet Venus, a title used in Lydia
  Arcadia         may mean mountainous
  Argelos          the hard, title at Syracuse
  Aria              oak tree, of the oaks
  Arikina          title of Artemis in Latium
  Ariste            the best, title of Artemis in Athens
  Aristobule      the best advisor, title of Artemis in Athens
  Artio              Helvetian name of Artemis
  Artini             Etruscan Artemis
  Astateia         mother, as fierce protector of her children
  Astrateia        astra, meaning star, teia, meaning host: Goddess of the host of stars
  Astynome      possessor of the city
  Astyocha/Astyoche    possessor of the city
  Berekynthia/Berekuntia     running Goddess of the mountains, bringer of wisdom
  Brauronia      of Brauron, associated with both bears and bulls
  Britomartis    good maiden
  Calliste/Callisto  the fairest
  Carya/Caryatis    of the walnut, Artemis as the source of inspiration and healing
  Chitone         with clothing tied back (to keep it out of the way)
  Chrysaor      golden falchion (type of sword or polearm)
  Cnagia          burning one, title of Artemis at Sparta
  Colaenis        corrector or punisher, title of Artemis in the Attic deme of Myrtinus
  Condyleates     the bare fisted
  Cordax/Cordaea   of the rope dance, derived from a dance performed after each victory
                        at Pisa in Elis
  Coryphaea    of the peak, Goddess of the summits
  Coryphasia    Artemis had a sanctuary at Messina under this title, which may
                        mean dove or light maiden
  Curotrophos  'accomplished nurse', Artemis as hunter and protector of youth
  Cynthia          running Goddess
  Cytherea       of Cythera, also called Cerigo
  Daphnaea     of the laurel
  Delia           remover or making visible
  Delphinia     of the womb, shares this title with Themis(Gaia) at Delphi
  Derrhiatis    wearing leather armour, title used in the region between Sparta and
  Despoena   mistress, never in a non-titular sense
  Diana/Dianna    Goddess Anna, Mother Anna
  Diktynna     lawgiver, also mistranslated as 'of the nets'
  Eileithyia     she who helps women in childbed
  Elaphaia      she of the red deer
  Elapheboli   she who strikes the red deer
  Elaphios      hindlike
  Eleuthera    Lycian title, mother of Greece
  Eleutho       another form of Eileithyia
  Ephesia       of the instincts, nourishing powers of Nature
  Enodia        gatekeeper, Goddess of the crossroads and gates, Thessalian title
  Eucleia        widely famous one
  Eurippa       horsefinder, Arcadian title
  Eurynoe     wide wandering or wide ruling
  Gaeeochos  holder of the Earth, title of Artemis at Thebes
  Gentyllis      protector of births
  Gorgopis      gorgon faced, face of death
  Hecaerge     hitting from afar, having good aim
  Hegemon     mastery
  Hemerasia   she who soothes, especially at death
  Heurippe      horsefinder
  Hiereia         priestess
  Hymnia        the singer
  Iasoria          the healer
  Iphigeneia    mother of a strong race
  Issoria        knowing the Earth(?), had a sanctuary at Mount Issorion in Sparta
  Kaukasi     burning sister(Sun), used on island of Chios which was occupied
                        by Pelasgians, and was a major centre of Artemis' worship; the
                        Caucasus mountains were named for her
  Korythalia   festive maiden, title used at Sparta
  Lakone     of the lake, originally a title of Britomartis
  Laphria     despoiling, originally a title of Britomartis
  Latone      harsh and stony one
  Letogeneia   daughter of Leto
  Leukophryne  white faced, this title was also the name of a town in Phrygia where
                        one of Artemis' major temples once stood; another temple dedicated
                        to her under this title was on the Menander river at Magnesia
  Limenites/Lemenitis  ptotector or superintendent of the harbour
  Limnaea   of the lake, lake born
  Limnatis   of the marshes, used in Sparta
  Locheia   of childbirth, early Spartan Goddess later merged with Artemis
  Loxo       slanting, crosswise, the ambiguous
  Lycaeus   wolfish
  Lycoatis  the winnower of the coast, Arcadian title
  Lycomedo   wolfish cunning
  Lygodesma  bound with willows, clear bonding, title in Sparta
  Lysizona   girdle loosener
  Megale     the great
  Meleagrian  wild dark one, hunter of diseased body parts
  Melissa  honey bee
  Munychia  Moon Goddess
  Mysia   meaning unknown, Spartan title; possibly a diminutive of Artemis
  Neptunis   of the sea
  Nikephoros    bringing victory
  Oenoatis   vine of the rugged coast
  Opheltes   benefactor, or wound round by snakes
  Opis         silent and awful one
  Orthia/Orithia  upright
  Orthosia    upright one
  Ortygia    of quail island
  Paedotrophus    nurse of children
  Paeonia   the healer, associated with snakes
  Parthenia     virgin
  Pasikrateia   famous strong one
  Peitho   persuasion
  Pheraea   lover of hunting, title of Artemis in Thessaly
  Phoebe    bright Moon
  Phosphoros    light bringer
  Phthia   waning Moon
  Pitanatis   of the pines
  Polymastis    many breasted
  Potamia     of the rivers
  Psychopomp  guide of souls
  Pyronia    fiery Goddess
  Saronia    to smile or snarl as wolves do; also the name of a grove sacred to
  Sarpedonia also to snarl as wolves do(?); a temple and oracle of Artemis was on
                        the cape of Sarpedon
  Selasphoros   light bringer
  Soteira   savior
  Stymphalia  crested with white foam
  Taurice/Taurisca  of the bulls, wielder of the ox-hide whip
  Tauropolos   bull killer
  Tecton       carpenter
  Thermaia   healing fever, another aspect of Artemis as Goddess of healing
  Thoantea   Goddess of Thoas, title of Taurian Artemis
  Triclaria    with three couches, used in Achaia
  Trideria     threefold assigner of lots; fate Goddess
  Trivia       of the three ways, may have been Hecate's title first
  Xena        guest, traveller, stranger

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