by Haraphi

I'm a child of nature
Born from moonrays
Unpredictable as the rage of Gaia
Indomitable like the fiery wind
Fierce as the storms of rivers
My blood is the fire of the sun
And my soul is devoted to the moon goddess
And like my guardian divinity Artemis
I'm veiled under mystery and legend
Like all of yours,dear sisters
Forest is my home
Animals are my brothers
And I'm the loyal follower of Artemis
Who gave birth to our nation

Amazon sisters
Don't forget our glorious past
Our battles,our religion and our ways of living
We have the mission dear sisters
To end the dark ages of our nation
To reconquer our territory
And edify a new glorious era
We were condemned to be forgotten
Veiled under legend and myth
But we exist
We are a nation and must be one
And make the Amazon Nation live again
At my death
I will rejoin the queens of the past
And our reign of glory will last
Until the last ray of the moon goddess

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