Spirit Amazon II
by Lyssa

A Circle of Sisters

A circle of Sisters fuse
with hearts that hold
the call of the warrior muse
the ancient remembrances told.

Our Amazon memory is strong
it binds us as sisters
We pursue our hearts songs
with wisdom and courage.

Around the fire, Amazons.
Sisters I am happy to know.
Sharing our fascination with old worlds forgotten
We are blessed by the Moon Goddess's silver bow.
She knows we love the land, the eagle and the wolf
How we strive to keep them free.
For if we fail, if we don't
Mother Earth will cease to be.

We know the Amazon heart
from legends of old.
We strive to live as our sister Spirits
with truth and courage bold.

Around the fire, Amazons
a circle of sisters sanction,
the call of their legacy and ancient lineage,
restoring to glory the dream of a Nation.

We are Amazon

We are blood and fire.
War on wings.
We know the wind
and the song it sings.

We are Amazon.

We honor this truth
and to the storm we cry

'By my word I live
And by it I die.

For I am Amazon.'

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