The ancient amazons were strong believers in mysticism
and supernatural energies.


Amazons followed several religions.  The one constant in all these religions was the belief in mysticism and supernatural energies.
The underlying idea of the cult of Cybele:
In the actual ceremonies performed at Cybele's shrines the original warlike character was almost lost in the mystic frenzy which found expression in noisy shouting and self-affliction.

Measured beating of drums, the clashing of cymbals, and the music of the pipe, which set the rhythm for the ecstatic motion of the worshippers.
Of her inspiration came a form of holy madness, which endowed the worshipper with a sense of mystic ecstasy and supernatural strength.

Of the following of the Bacchic religion:
The magic power with which the phallic lord of exuberant natural life revolutionized the world of women is manifested in phenomenon which surpass the limits of our experience and our imagination.  A religion which established the closest bond between beatitude and supersensory existence.

The Amazons in the Thermondon region were considered the enemies of the griffins.  The griffin was the totem animal of the soil and represented the ancestral soil.  In its twin nature, there loomed the eagle-beaked threat of winged fear hovering above the abyss, mixed with the snake and lion bodies of arid golden sand.  Whoever wanted to live there had to fight it.

Naturally the horse is the totem of the Amazons.
The Amazons felt a profound magic connection for the horse.  In a magic way something of a symbol of strong desires and a propellant of their urges, especially when its hoofs struck fire and thus symbolized fire,"the shiny tongue of the Gods."

It also has a bearing on the myth that Pegasus sprang forth from the blood of the Lybian Amazon Medusa.  therefore the Amazon presumably has magic horse blood in her veins.
Myrine, obeying an apparition in a dream decided to sacrifice horses.
In highly secret rites, a white stallion was sacrificed.  The "sacred marriage" between the divine animal and the queen supposedly served the magic renewal for the people.
                                                                                                  H. Diner

                          It seemed no
                      accident that the earliest shamanism—originating in
                      Siberia—was female shamanism, connected with the Great
                      Bear constellation and the Great Goddess Artemis; and that
                      Artemis was also the name applied to the Great Goddess of
                      Catal Hüyük in the 7th millennium BCE as well as the
                      Amazons in the 5th century BCE—seventy centuries later!
                                                                                               V. Noble


                       The female skeletons and mummies found in the steppe
                      burials are consistently buried with spoons (for the sacred
                      mare's milk koumiss), mirrors (for healing and divination),
                      gypsum (Robert Graves said the priestesses painted their faces
                      with white gypsum before rituals), portable altars for
                      offerings, and often with their own weapons as well—swords,
                      daggers, and arrowheads. Some wear headdresses (sometimes
                      as grand as three feet high)

Feminine magic power was often considered necessary for victory.
Again and again, legends mention the Amazon's magic battle-cries, which made their enemies helpless.


The Amazons existed; their tribes were a basic primitive form of female
social pattern; and if there are so many legends of female-only islands,
it is because the amazon tribes often lived on islands.  When these
Amazon societies were destroyed by male supremacist societies,
lesbians became the heiresses of an ever-menaced culture that had to
move from islands of stone and sand to psycho-spiritual shelters, to
"mind-drifing islands."

                                        Batya Weinbaum

From misty moor to mountain top,
From cavern depth to shining star,
Our minds are free to search for truth
Whether it be near or far.

With falcon feather cloaks we fly
Beyond the limits set by man.
Valkyrie swords, sharp and bright,
New dawn for women is Your plan.

Reveal the ancient women's paths
Of Mysteries and old powers strong.
Once more lift woman-hood up high,
To the rightful place where we belong.

Show us the past and that to come!
Grant us the gift of prophecy!
O, Ancient Goddess, direct our quest.
As we will, so mote it be!



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